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Child Health Notes

Child Health Notes (CHNs) are one page newsletters, written by experts at the University of Washington, with succinct information about early identification and management of care for children with special health care needs.

The newsletters are provided as a resource for communities to distribute to local primary care providers and others to support the early identification and comprehensive, coordinated care of children with special health care needs.

Communities adapt each issue to include contact information for key local community resources for children with special needs,  such as public health, early intervention, schools and family support.

In the Child Health Notes Section

CHN Topics
  • Templates to be adapted with local resource contact information; some recent issues also have a generic version
Using CHNs
  • Getting Started
  • Contract information for Communities distributing Child Health Notes and links to locally adapted CHNs
  • Child Health Notes developed or last updated more than 4 years ago


For more information about Child Health Notes contact:

Kate Orville, MPH Email:  Tel: (206) 685-1279