Learning Collaborative Opportunities to Improve Care for Children

Here are some current learning collaborative opportunities for primary care providers and others working to improve care for children and youth in Washington State.  Please let us know about additional opportunities for your colleagues.  Send an email to Kate Orville at orville@uw.edu.

Project ECHO Autism Washington

Primary Care Providers and Psychologists who have completed Autism Center of Excellence (COE) Certification training are eligible to participate in Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) Autism Washington. Project ECHO increases clinicians’ skills in the diagnosis and management of autism using case-based learning, didactics and expert consultation so that they can care for autistic patients in their home practices.  CME is available.

In the first year (Dec 2019-Dec 2020) this twice-monthly  90  minute Zoom tele-mentoring program has had a cohort of 25 PCPs from across Washington state.  A new ECHO cohort will be enrolled in fall 2020 to start in December 2020 or January 2021. For more information, please contact the project coordinator at echoautismwa@uw.edu


0-5 Deeper Dive:  Addressing Infant & Early Childhood Behavioral and Mental Health

For Whom: Primary Care Providers (PCPs) in Washington State and Virginia

What:  A free, case based learning collaborative to recognize and respond to infant mental health disorders in Primary Care, especially in rural settings

Time:  Monthly 3rd Thursdays, 9-10 (PST) on Zoom, Sept- July 2020-21

CME/MOC 2/4: earn up to 60 points, NP approval pending

This is the fourth year of the learning collaborative. Earlier years focused more broadly on childhood mental health issues in primary care. There will be an introductory session to cover functional assessment of behavior, temperament, and social determinants of health. This will be followed by 5 key topics divided into two case-based sessions, the first dedicated to RECOGNIZE-theory, risk factors, and differential diagnosis and the second dedicated to RESPOND- PCP point- of-care brief interventions and resources. Flyer

Topics include, among others: Early childhood anxiety, Perinatal depression, Disruptive behaviors, Autism, Early Childhood Adversities, and Mood dysregulation.

Please note that this learning collaborative will focus on rural practice settings and registration is very limited for this training opportunity. To register, please email Nancy Ringera at charbert@uw.edu with your name, preferred email, and location.


october, 2021