Learn more about how to be an effective partner with your child’s doctor and other members of the Medical Home care team. Find tips, strategies and resources to support high quality, compassionate care for your child and family. 

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In the Family Medical Home section:

  • ABC’s of Medical Home: What is a Medical Home- how to find and build a medical home for your child
  • Coordinating Your Child’s Care: Tools and tips for keeping your child’s different services and treatment plans coordinated and working together
  • Finding Services: How to find services for your child and family, including in your community
  • Health Information: Finding and using trustworthy sources of information to learn more about your child’s health or developmental issues and how to meet them
  • Organizing Your Paperwork: Papers, papers everywhere! How to keep your child’s lab results, treatment plans, reports etc organized and useful to you
  • Partnering with Providers: Practical tips on partnering with your child’s doctors and other service providers, what to expect when you visit the doctor, how to prepare to get the most out of doctor visits
  • Paying for Services: Understanding health insurance and other ways to get the bills paid
  • School Tools: How to help your child’s doctor and school work together with you to benefit your child’s education and growth
  • Taking Care of Your Family: The balancing act for a family with special health care needs, support services for all members of the family
  • Transition: How to prepare for transitions (such as between early intervention programs and school, adolescence to adulthood)
  • Youth Leadership: Information about how to make a difference for children with special needs as a parent leader for your own child, your child’s medical practice, community or the state