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Child Health Notes are a medical home tool developed in Washington State.


What: The Child Health Notes provide information for early identification and management of special health and developmental concerns. Formatted as a concise double-sided newsletter, each CHN covers a specific topic.

Who: The CHNs are developed for healthcare providers, including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, public health nurses, family resource coordinators, early intervention providers, childcare providers, other community providers to medical homes, and families.

Content: Each CHN contains:

  • A brief abstract on a health or development topic
  •  Suggestions for practice implementation by the primary care provider
  •  Local, state and national resources for professionals and families

Use: CHNs are designed to be customized and distributed electronically or in print by medical home teams, local health programs, health plans, or other health programs. Customized CHNs include key resources and information specific to the local community.

History: The CHN concept was developed in 1998 by the Whatcom County Medical Home Team to inform primary care providers about community-based early intervention resources. Successful acceptance of the CHNs by health care providers and other professionals led to statewide expansion of the project in 2000. The CHNs are currently utilized by Washington State medical home teams, county health departments, and other programs in Washington State.


The Child Health Notes project is funded by the Washington State Department of Health-Healthy Starts and Transitions Unit (which includes the Children with Special Health Care Needs Program). Faculty and professional staff at the Washington State Medical Home Partnerships Project (MHPP),  University of Washington Center on Human Development and Disability (CHDD) manage the Child Health Notes project. MHPP staff are responsible for developing newsletter content as well as providing technical assistance for communities using the Child Health Notes.