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The Office of the Superintendent of Instruction (OSPI) is the primary agency charged with overseeing K-12 education in Washington State. OSPI works with the state’s 296 school districts to administer basic education programs and implement education reform on behalf of more than one million public school students.

To find services and links for special education, mouse over the tab “Programs and Services”, and go down to “Special Education” to find resources.

Educational School District (ESD)(Regional Resource)
Educational Service Districts are responsible for; 1) Providing cooperative and informational services to local school districts, 2) Assisting the State Superintendent of Public Instruction and State Board of Education and 3) Providing services to school districts to assure equal educational opportunities for all students.
Washington State has 9 ESDs. This site has a special education section for schools and parents as resource.

Locate your Washington State regional ESD.

Schools and School Districts (Locally)
If you need help to find a public school in Washington State, you can click to find a specific school district, then locate your local school. Some schools on the web directory do not have web pages set up yet to help you on the web, so you can look in your local blue page directory to find a phone contact.

Starting Point Resource Guide
Search for “School” under Resource Categor