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Public Health Department Children with Special Health Care Needs Program

A referral for a child may be from the family, school personnel, medical providers, and other interested parties, to the CSHCN Coordinator in the county health department where the child lives. The CSHCN Coordinator is typically a public health nurse whose expertise is children with special needs and their families. CSHCN Coordinators serve children from birth to age 18; in some cases, they are able to continue with clients up to age 21.

Nursing evaluations, care coordination; health care planning and family support are examples of services available to families regardless of income. When funding for medical services is needed, the CSHCN Coordinator can facilitate referral to the Medical Assistance Administration (MAA) in the Department of Social and Health Services or the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program to determine eligibility.

Services found to be medically necessary by the local CSHCN Coordinator and not covered by any other sources may be eligible for funding through the CSHCN program when funding is available and the family income is within certain limits. State Health Department CSHCN Program

Contact list for county CSHCN Coordinators and what information is helpful to include with a referral (see last page of PDF)

State Department of Health website
Link to local health departments/districts—click on the website and then on a specific county.

Learn more about how public health nurse CSHCN Coordinators support families and health care providers on this website’s medical home partnerships page for CSHCN Coordinators.