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Infant Toddler Early Intervention Program
(Birth to third birthday)

Support for Infants and Toddlers Program (ESIT) provides early intervention services, including a Family Resources Coordinator (FRC), for eligible children from birth to 3rd birthday and their families. All children, birth to three, including children at risk for developmental delays, are entitled to participate in the following components with the consent of their parent(s): early identification, multidisciplinary evaluation, and determination of eligibility for early intervention services. ESIT website includes detailed information on eligibility, services provided, and evaluation and assessment.

Neurodevelopmental Centers
Neurodevelopmental Centers in Washington State provide therapy and related services to children with neuromuscular or developmental disorders.  The centers serve children from birth through adolescence (some centers may limit the age groups served) There are 16 centers located across the state.
List of centers