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Washington State Brochures and Fact Sheets

Medical Home

Washington State Medical Home Brochure for Families

  • Spanish: “El Hogar Médico para su hijo/a — Atención de salud enfocada en su familia” (2014)
  • English “Your Child’s Medical Home — Health Care With Your Family at the Center” (2014)
  • For copies: Download a copy or for WA state residents, email
  • Other languages:  Older version of brochure available online in  Chinese, Korean, Russian and Vietnamese.
  • Content: What a primary care medical home is, the benefits of a medical home, and ideas for how to work with how your child health care team for the best care. Includes a list of Washington State and national resources. There is space on the back panel for a label with local contacts or resources.
  • Target audience: Families with children (typically developing children and those with special health care needs) in Washington State.

Building Early Intervention Partnerships With Your Child’s Doctor: Tips from and for Parents
Practical tips from and for parents in how to choose, partner and talk with your child’s doctor, how to be an advocate for your child in early intervention and involve your doctor in early intervention services for your child. Available in PDF format in: English · Cambodian · Chinese · Korean · Lao · Russian · Spanish ·Vietnamese.

Washington State Medical Home Brochure for Doctors and Other Primary Care Providers
“What is a Pediatric Medical Home?”

  • Target audience: Primary care providers who take care of children and youth.
  • Content: Explanation of what a medical home is, the benefits of a medical home for practices and families, and strategies for becoming a medical home for children and youth, especially those with special health care needs.
  • For copies: No hard copies of this brochure are available. You may print the one page double-sided brochure from the link above (Hint: make sure your printer is set for legal size paper and landscape printing. Fold the printed sheet in half with the brochure cover “What is a Pediatric Medical Home” panel on the front. Fold again and “Who are Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs” will be your back panel).
    For more information contact

Washington State Care Coordination within a Medical Home Fact Sheet
One of the core elements of a medical home is care coordination. In order to provide consistent language about the definition of care coordination and its key elements, a fact sheet was developed based on the work of the 2006-2007 Financing Care Coordination Workgroup, facilitated by the Department of Health. The Workgroup was made up of stakeholders from across the state representing health care providers, families, and state and private agencies and organizations. The fact sheet us intended to use as a reference when describing care coordination within a medical home.

Medical Home Key Messages
A brief fact sheet was developed at the request of participants in the Washington State Partnership for Medical Homes group to have a document that would help people describe the Medical Home concept consistently. The 2 page document addresses Medical Homes for all children and youth, including those with special health care needs. Topics covered are: What is a Medical home, who can provide one, what are the core components, benefits, how many children and adolescents have a Medical Home in WA, challenges, opportunities to build a foundation for the Medical Home model, and information about the development of the key message document.

Washington State Fact Sheets on Medical Home for Children
The Data Resource Center—funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Health Resources and Services Administration—is partnering with the American Academy of Pediatrics to help state and family leaders quickly access data on how children and youth in each state experience receiving care within a medical home. Use this easy website to see data specific to Washington or other states medical home performance profile for all children or children with special health care needs.

Washington State CSHCN Program Fact Sheet on Medical Home
One page fact sheet which describes what a medical home is, how many children with special needs in WA have one, and what is being done by the State Children with Special Health Care Needs Program to support medical homes. (April 2009)

Other Community Resources

Select ESIT Publications:

National Brochures and Fact Sheets

Medical Home Videos

  • Introduction to Patient Centered Medical Home
    This multimedia program was developed to help explain this innovative model of healthcare to consumers. Its focus is medical homes for all people of all ages. The program is the result of a collaboration between the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative and Emmi Solutions®. (English: 4:28 minutes; Spanish 6:04 minutes).
  • Consumer Reports Video: “Medical Homes- Patient-Centered Care”
    Brief (3:27 minutes) video on what Medical Homes are. Accompanied by July 2013 article describing in more detail what the medical home means for patients and the changes you may be seeing in your primary care provider’s office. Part of an ongoing series by Consumer Reports on health care reform.
  • American Academy of Pediatrics Medical Home Channel on Youtube
    Short videos on the medical home model of care and its components developed by the National Center for Medical Home Implementation (NCMHI). The NCMHI is a cooperative agreement between the Maternal and Child Health Bureau and the American Academy of Pediatrics with a mission to ensure that every child and youth has access to a medical home.
  • National Center for Medical Home Implementation Video Series (2012)
    The NCMHI conducted interviews with thought leaders and medical home advocates in 2012 to capture their thoughts on medical home concept of care and how to implement it in practice. Framed around the six building blocks of the Building Your Medical Home toolkit, the interview videos are designed to provide an in depth view of the essential components that make up the medical home, as well as provide a general overview of medical homes. Core topics include: care partnership support, care delivery management, clinical care information and organization, practice performance measurement, resources and linkages, and payment and finance.
  • Medical Home Family Stories
    Three 15-minute brief interactive videos and companion materials of specific Medical Home Partnerships. Developed in Hawaii by the Medical How Works! project at the University of Hawaii.

    • Learning Objectives:
      • Understand the roles of medical home partners
      • Describe the skills needed for the parent as care coordinator
      • Analyze strategies for implementing comprehensive and continuous care
      • Determine access to relevant services for the child with special needs
    • Videos and Guides: