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Below you will find links to national Health Supervision Guidelines, practice tools,  information on immunizations and well-child visits and sources for anticipatory guidance.

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National Health and Development Supervision for the Well-Child Visit


  • Bright Futures: Guidelines and Pocket Guide for Health Supervision of Infants, Children, and Adolescents (3rd Edition.)
    Funded by the US Maternal Child Health Bureau, the publication is a culmination of the most respected recommendations for the top 10 areas of child development.  It provides comprehensive health supervision guidelines, including recommendations on immunizations, routine health screenings, and anticipatory guidance. Available in print and on the Web.  Each recommendation was reviewed by a panel of pediatric experts and subject to public review. Evidence for effectiveness was a core criterion for including—or excluding—recommendations and interventions in the Periodicity Schedule.

Periodicity Schedule


Forms and Practice Tools

  • Bright Futures Tool and Resource Kit
    • Forms and tools for health care providers, patients, and families to complete before, during, or after well-child visits.Pediatric providers who participated in quality improvement projects using Bright Futures measures found that the pre-visit questionnaires, documentation forms, and patient handouts in the Guidelines were the Core Tools most commonly used in their practices. Other tools and forms included in the Bright Futures Tool and Resource Kit were used selectively as appropriate and are therefore called Supplemental Tools. Bright Futures Guidelines is flexible in practice; providers determine what works best in their practice environments, office systems, and patient populations.

      Core Tools include:

      Previsit Questionnaires
      Visit Documentation Forms
      Patient/Parent Education Handouts

      Supplemental Tools include:

      Supplemental Questionnaires
      Medical Screening Questionnaires
      Medical Screening Reference Tables
      Other Age-Appropriate Tools


Childhood Immunizations

Washington State Immunization Registry

A web application that allows enrolled primary care providers to conveniently search for patients in the CHILD Profile statewide immunization registry and to view patient immunization records. Authorized users can:

  • Add and edit patient records
  • Review vaccination records, adding or editing current and historical immunizations
  • Maintain facility-specific records on vaccinators, physicians, and lot numbers
  • Record required information for each VIS given
  • Access the tools to support a reminder/recall system

Provider Resources on Immunizations

Visit WithinReach’s Immunization Action Coalition of Washington working to promote immunization awareness through quarterly meetings, material development, education and advocacy, and community talks with key leaders. Also view their resources page with links to:

  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Vaccine Education Program
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Immunization Action Coalition
  • National Network of Immunization Information
  • Washington State Department of Health

Toolkit for Physicians, Nurses and Other Health Professionals:

  • Provider resources for vaccine conversations with parents – resources from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
    • Includes: If You Choose Not to Vaccinate Your Child, Understanding the Risks and Responsibilities
  • “Let’s Talk Vaccines”   A resource to support productive conversations about immunizations with families in your clinic.Physician Communication Training and Parental Vaccine Hesitancy: A Randomized Trial.  Henrikson NB Opel DJ et al.  Pediatrics. 136(1).  Published online June 1, 2015.
  • “Addressing Parents’ Concerns about Vaccinations’ –  A toolkit to help professionals answer parents questions about vaccinations, created by Project Immunize Virginia.  This toolkit provides information about recent vaccine studies and offers resources.

Parent Immunization Education Materials


Anticipatory Guidance for Parents at Well-Child Visits


  • AAP Patient Education and Brochures (for purchase, member discounts; download free sample)
  • Bright Futures Tool and Resource Kit – Includes Parent/Patient Education Handout
  • Bright Futures – Parent Tip Sheets – (available online only)
    Easy-to-read sheets designed to help families promote the health and well-being of their children.  Information on topics such as social development, child care, safety, eating and physical activity in 4 age groupings: infancy, early childhood, middle childhood and adolescence.

Washington State

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