The Medical Home Partnerships Project website was compromised in July of 2016. We lost all of the information we had posted in the past six months. We appreciate your understanding as we continue to work to bring the site up-to-date.

Who We Are / What We Do

The Washington State Medical Home website helps physicians, other health care providers, families and communities improve care for children and youth, particularly those with special health care needs, and their families. We identify and filter for you the best practical and current tools, strategies, and examples of local and state activities in Washington to help you strengthen: * The patient- and family-centered medical home
* The “medical home neighborhood,” which includes specialty and community services
* Developmental screening in primary care practices and early childhood settings
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What is a Medical Home?

Medical Home


The Medical Home Partnerships Project has been asked by the Washington State Department of Health to gather feedback on the work the Department of Health is currently doing. Your input will help guide their work in the future.
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Information For:



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Physicians, other primary care providers and office staff can find resources and tools that can help you work “smarter,” not harder, for your pediatric patients, especially those with developmental delays, disabilities and chronic health conditions, and their families. Last updated: Wednesday,


Other Providers

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Medical Home “neighbors” are the clinicians and community service providers who work closely with primary care and patients / families to help identify and meet the broad array of clinical and non-clinical needs.  Find tips and tools to improve shared care.  Last



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Learn more about how to be an effective partner with your child’s doctor and other members of the Medical Home care team.  Find tips, strategies and resources to support high quality, compassionate care for your child and family.  Last updated: Wednesday, January 6,